In-Person Services

These special services are for those lucky enough to live within a reasonable driving distance of Los Angeles! All in-person services are 90-minutes long. I will come to you... your home, your grocery store, your kitchen. We will coordinate ahead of time to make sure you have the kitchen tools and/or ingredients necessary to make our time together a success. 



I come to your home and we head to your local grocery store! I'll teach you how to navigate the aisles, where the healthiest food is located, and how to read labels. Or we can go to a specialty store, like Whole Foods, that may feel intimidating to you. I'll help you get acquainted with the store so you can feel confident shopping for healthy food.

I'll help you put together a meal plan and shopping list ahead of time so you leave the store fully-stocked for the upcoming week. I'll teach you how to become a grocery store ninja - in and out in a flash with all of the superfoods you need to keep you fed and nourished!



I can’t tell you how many people come to me and say that they just need someone else to come in and look at their food, tell them what’s healthy and what isn’t, and take the junk away. Don't worry, I donate the food, I don’t just throw it away! This is actually a really therapeutic process. It feels so good to open your refrigerator and pantry and see healthy food displayed on a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing canvas.

 A fridge & pantry clean out can be a great way to have a fresh start! Some of your biggest stumbling blocks are often sabotaging your success under your own roof.

The whole process is a learning experience, as I teach you how to red labels and distinguish healthy food from things you can do without.



We all have to start somewhere! You may need help with some basic cooking skills, like how to chop veggies or batch cook meal prep items for the week. Mastering the essentials will save you tons of time in the kitchen and make healthy cooking and meal prep a cinch.

We can focus on aspects of cooking that are intimidating to you, recreate some of your favorite foods with a healthy twist, or do a meal prep crash course where I help you prep a bunch of food for the week ahead of time.

We'll create a menu and shopping list ahead of time. You'll have the food ready and we will walk through the prep and cooking steps from start to finish!