Tracking measurements in a great way to measure body composition progress throughout the program. Just like the scale, it’s a tool we can use. I will be asking you to take measurements every four weeks. Click the link below to download your measurements sheet. Print and take your first set of measurements before you begin the program. CLICK HERE for an Amazon link if you need to purchase a measuring tape.


Each week, you’ll check in with me with a few key pieces of information so I know how to evaluate your progress and keep you moving forward. Your Session Prep Forms are to be submitted each week at least 24 hours before your one-on-one call with me. Each check in-is simple, you’ll send an email to me at with the following information:

  1. What are my successes since our last session?

  2. What challenges am I facing right now?

  3. What action steps have I completed or made progress on?

  4. What do I want to get from my coach this session?

I suggest setting a reminder in your phone calendar to automatically remind you each week to complete your Session Prep Form.

You’ve got one more step before we officially begin!