The first way you’ll receive support in this program is by booking your orientation call. Please do not schedule your orientation call until after you’ve submitted your Welcome Workbook as your workbook provides me with the information needed to develop your customized plan.

During your 30-minute orientation call we will go over any questions I have regarding your workbook and I’ll walk you through your customized plan so you’re clear on your first action steps.

After completing your orientation call, their are four primary ways to get support throughout the next 12 weeks and beyond:

  1. FACEBOOK GROUP. Whenever you have a question that might benefit others with the answer, pop it in here first. Chances are if you have a question, somebody else in the group may be wondering the same thing. By posting in the Facebook group I can answer it once for the benefit of everyone and others might chime in with additional thoughts and ideas. All questions should go here first.

  2. GROUP CALLS. I will host calls every week for the entire group. On these Zoom calls we will share wins, do coaching, and answer any questions you might have. The Zoom link is on the group homepage and in the Facebook group.

  3. WEEKLY CHECK-INS. During these phone calls we’ll dive into the information you put on your Session Prep Form and give you specific strategies to move you forward. These calls will be one-on-one so you can receive personal attention and support when you need it.

  4. EMAIL & TEXT. If you need additional support beyond the questions you can ask in the FB group, you can always email or text me. I understand sometimes things come up that are personal in nature and you may not be comfortable using the Facebook group. You may reach me at and 626-318-5756.

There are four primary principles that will help facilitate your success in this program.


In joining this program, you took a powerful action by investing in your health financially. Now, to pursue the goals you’ve set, you will continue to take action every day, every week and every month.

I am here to help you as much as I can, but I can’t do your pushups for you.

I can’t eat your vegetables for you. 

You alone can do that.

The best way to achieve your goals it to decide to take 100% responsibility for your results. Avoid blaming others, circumstances, or anyone else or anything else in your life, and decide right now that whatever happens, you will take responsibility and own it. Trust me, when you take responsibility and take action, you will succeed.


In our work together over the next 12 weeks and beyond, you’re going to make progress, you’re going to learn new things, you’re probably going to experience some breakthroughs. When you do, SHARE THEM. 

As you start learning new things about health and wellness, you have an opportunity to teach and support others. When someone asks a question in the Facebook group, I encourage you to jump at the opportunity to answer the question and support the person. Chances are it won’t be long until you need support too. Givers learn faster and get better results, because in teaching, you learn.


There’s a tendency in our society to feel the need to hide our successes, pretend we’re worse off than we are, and shy away from praise or admiration when it comes our way.

This is a missed opportunity to feel confident and good about yourself, encourage others with your example, and enjoy being celebrated by people who love to see you succeed!

In our community, everyone will share their wins, because I’ve found that when people share their wins, they win more! What we focus on, we create more of.

For example, if you weigh-in for the week and realize you lost 5 pounds, take a selfie, post in the group and use the hashtag #win to celebrate with us! These wins don’t have to be only about weight loss. If you notice any other kind of win, like eating a salad with steak at lunch instead of a pizza, passing on the donuts at your staff meeting, leaving a few bites left on your plate after recognizing you were full, waking up early to workout when your bed was so comfy… take a selfie and use the hashtag #win in the group so we can celebrate with you!

It’s important for you to not just to share your wins, but to celebrate other people’s wins. I’ve found that those who celebrate the success of others attract more success to themselves. If you want to experience more wins, then be happy for those in the group who share their wins as they happen! When you see other people's #win posts in the group, make sure to like and comment back to celebrate them! Most people don’t have a group in their life who celebrate their successes, so that’s the community we’ll build here.


When you get stuck or need help: Ask. For. Help.

For some silly reason, we’ve been trained in our culture that asking for help means weakness, when in reality, its strength. You joined this community because you wanted help, and so I encourage you to ASK FOR IT.

The key idea here is to stay in communication. If you’re asking questions, posting #wins, encouraging others, doing your check-ins, showing up on group calls, you will succeed. By staying in communication you’ll have a constant feedback loop to know how to correct your actions and move forward. You will keep momentum and avoid feeling stuck or getting discouraged.

Use the Facebook group to get support from the community and myself. I’ll be going through the Facebook group daily! I can only help you if you ask ask ask for help when you need it. You can also reach me by email and text. Don’t be shy!