Week 3 - Affirmations

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Examples of Affirmations:

I believe in my ability to truly love myself for who I am.

I accept my body shape and acknowledge the beauty it holds.

I let go of unhelpful patterns of behavior around food.

I allow myself to make choices and decisions for my higher good.

I let go of any guilt I hold around food choices.

I accept my body for the shape I have been blessed with.

I am grateful for the body I have and all it does for me.

I set myself free from all the guilt I carry around the food I chose in the past.

Every day I am exercising and taking care of my body.

Healing is happening in both my body and mind.

I am closer and closer to my ideal weight with each and every day.

I am so happy and grateful now that I weigh __________ pounds. (Fill in the desired number)

I am letting go of any guilt I hold around food.

I am the best version of myself, and I am working hard to become even better. I will lose weight because I want to, and I have the power to do this.

My body is my temple, and I attentively take care of it every day by eating only healthy foods that heal and nourish me.

I am aware that my metabolism is working in my advantage by helping me in gaining my optimal weight.

I am grateful to my body for all the things it does for me.

I believe in my ability to change my habits and create new, positive ones.

I am capable of achieving my weight loss goals.

I accept my body exactly the way it is and I constantly work on improving it.

Pick 3 of your positive affirmations to share with the facebook group.