Week 5 - Meditation for Food Cravings


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Examples of Affirmations to use when cravings come up:

  • I will eat foods that bring me pleasure. I will eat without regret or judgement.

  • I live actively and eat real food. 

  • The body I have is the one I’m meant to have…. And it’s beautiful!

  • Junk food is for junk bodies. I treat my body like a temple.

  • What I choose to nourish my body is a clear indication of how much I love myself. I eat with self-respect.

  • When I come from a place of self-love and not from denial or punishment, all eating-related decisions become effortless and worthy of me.

  • I treat myself by making loving food choices.

Pick 3 of your favorite affirmations for cravings and share them with the facebook group.