Welcome to Month 2

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Welcome to Month 2 of Thrive for Life!

Our focus topic for this month is Detoxification of Home & Self.

Health is about more than food and exercise.

By now you have begun to realize that vibrant health is more than just calories and a number on the scale. You have made great strides to improve your mindset and beliefs around how you nourish your body. This month we are going to dig deeper!

When I began my health journey and started to see the incredible impact food had on my health, I became curious about the other inputs in my life and how they were influencing my energy levels, weight loss, and disease prevention. If organic food was important, what about organic cleaning supplies? I could spot preservatives on an ingredients label at the grocery store, but were there preservatives in my personal care products?

This month is an entry into detoxifying our home and self. I am equipping you with tools to go deeper into these areas, if you wish. Remember that health is a journey and there are always areas we can improve and go to the next level.

Expert Interviews & Resources

Continuous exposure to thESE 5 common household items could be hurting you and your family.

If this is an area you’d like to go deeper, I highly recommend Third River’s 21-day program, “Power of a Detoxed Home”.

Use the code LINDSAYLIVESWELL for 15% off the program.


A comprehensive guide to using essential oils safely and effectively in your home and on your body.

If you have any questions about essential oils and would like to reach out to Jaime, please do so at: jaimeessentials@gmail.com

You may also use the link below to shop for doTERRA oils.