• Bouncing out of bed in the morning and effortlessly picking out a cute outfit

  • Going into each week with your meals planned and food prepped

  • Sailing through your day knowing what to eat to feel and look your best

  • Having the energy you need to fully show up for the life you desire


You try on multiple outfits in the morning, struggling to find one that camouflages your trouble spots. You’ve resolved to eat healthy but give in to the first sweet temptation that comes your way. “Ugh, why don’t I have more willpower?” Caffeine is your crutch, and there’s no energy left for that workout you swore you’d sneak in. The day gets away from you and you resort to the drive-thru for dinner, again.

You’re honestly trying to be healthy. You know it’s important. But something isn’t clicking for you. It feels like there’s a missing piece! It shouldn’t be this hard to look good in skinny jeans. Why does it seem easier for other women?? You feel too B U S Y to tackle this challenge.

I get you. I was tired of being the fattest one in the room. I used to “start over” every Monday, recommitting to my weight loss goals, only to fall off the wagon every week. I was constantly overwhelmed, feeling too busy to live at the gym and count every calorie that went into my mouth.

I understand because I’ve been there. You feel disappointed in yourself for not being able to stick with your new eating plan. You feel guilty for wasting money on expensive health food, workout videos, and generic weight loss programs. You feel depressed when you compare yourself to what your friends post on social media – how can they find time to work out, cook from scratch, and look amazing all the time?

What if I told you that it was possible to streamline your life and learn strategies to reach your health goals, even with your busy schedule?

Expand your energy, weigh what you want, and feel amazing in your body.

It IS possible to wake up each day with energy and walk out the door with confidence. You ARE capable of creating a sustainable lifestyle that allows time for exercise and self-care. You do not have to put your health on the back-burner because of your busy life.


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In my high level one-on-one program, you will lose weight, break free from diet overwhelm, gain authentic energy and learn to eat food that you love and makes you feel amazing!


I will give you the guidance you need to become your healthiest self so you can feel confident, sexy, and fully engage with life. You will receive simple, practical tools to start feeling your absolute best, fast.


YOU’LL GET ALL OF THIS (and more!)


  • What to eat, what to avoid, and how to build your plate to balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation.

  • Constructing simple meals and snacks to boost energy and keep you full for hours

  • Learn how to eat to turn off hunger hormones and enhance weight loss

  • Nourishment for clear skin, mental clarity, increased energy and optimal digestion

  • Which foods and supplements work best for YOU and your unique body


  • Time-saving hacks for grocery shopping, meal planning and food prep

  • Learn how to eat healthy without spending your life in the kitchen

  • Develop systems and structures to help develop and reinforce new habits

  • Streamline your selfcare to avoid burnout and overwhelm

  • My top tips and tricks for sustainable weight loss that don’t require calorie counting or being hungry


  • Makeover your routines so there’s time for exercise and eating right without adding extra stress

  • Learn the optimal way to exercise for your body type and and how to fit it into your busy life

  • Identify triggers and bust through self-limiting behaviors that sabotage your success

  • How to eat out, be social, and enjoy food while indulging consciously

  • Never let busyness keep you from creating a body you love

Erin Pugh Circle.png
I loved working with Lindsay for three months. As a healthcare professional, I greatly respect Lindsay’s knowledge and coaching skills. She helped me find balance with food, inducing mindful eating and nutritional balance. This experience has helped me balance my blood sugar levels and combat symptoms of PCOS. I went from snacking all day to being able to eat three balanced meals of healthy food. Lindsay also helped keep me accountable to get back into a healthy and realistic workout routine. Lindsay is full of encouragement and support, making each session personal and tailored to your goals. I feel better than i have in years, and her advice is easily maintained for long term results. Lindsay sets you up for success!
— Erin P. Tacoma, WA

Here’s How We Thrive:

What’s Included:

  • 1 x 30-minute complimentary consultation to see if we're a good fit

  • Welcome workbook for you to fill out before our intensive session so we can maximize our time together.

  • 1 X 60-minute intensive session to review the welcome workbook, set your intentions, and strategize a personalized plan.

  • 12 x 45-minute focused coaching sessions with personalized weekly action items and handouts to optimize accountability and help you implement real food into your real life.

  • Jump-start “FIT-KIT” from me with a food scale, protein powder samples, the latest in superfoods and other yummy health foods I know you’ll love! ($50 value)

You’ll also receive:

  • Personalized plan that we modify as needed to ensure you are hitting your health goals

  • Food, supplement, and health product recommendations

  • Email and text support throughout your program

  • Customized guides, recipes, meal plans and action steps

  • Future check-in options at a discounted client rate


$1497 USD ** Prices go up January 1st!

Payment plan available upon consultation.


Brilliant breakthroughs my clients have reported:

  • Naturally reaching their ideal weight – without crash dieting or deprivation!

  • Waking up feeling happy and energized

  • Confidence in how to prioritize their health with a busy schedule

  • Clarity on what to eat to look and feel their best

  • Losing brain fog and gaining sex drive

  • Learning to listen to their body

  • Acne and fatigue gone

  • Discovering how to make decisions from a place of intuition and self-trust

Sherry Heart Bio Pic.png
Working with Lindsay in changing and tweaking my diet was really uplifting! I had been on a pretty healthy eating plan for a few years but I still wasn’t loosing weight. Her approach has allowed me to make lasting changes in the way I eat and the amounts. I am more energetic, focused and productive and my weight is down 20 lbs. I work in the film business so I have to prepare and bring all my own food if I want to stay healthy. Lindsay made a doable meal plan for me that was easy to bring to work every day. Lindsay is a great listener and really heard what my concerns were. I would recommend her for anyone looking to get to the bottom of why they eat what they do and how it can keep you from being healthy. Lindsay is a standout in the health coaching realm.
— Sherry H. Brooklyn, NY


  • You need to make a shift in your life and are ready to be coached

  • You are done making excuses for why you aren't where you want to be and are ready to take ownership of your life

  • You're open to not just nutrition and movement advice, but mindset and lifestyle as well


As a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, I teach you how to make your diet work FOR you, turning off hunger hormones and balancing blood sugar to increase energy and expedite weight loss. I also look beyond food to coach you about mindset, the missing piece that most nutritionists overlook.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I help you figure out what kind of movement can compliment your goals and will realistically fit into your busy life. The most effective workouts don’t take hours out of your day!

As a wife, business owner, and mom of three, I know loads of tips, tricks and hacks to help you practically manage this whole eating healthy thing. I also know how to bust all your best excuses and can lovingly (something with tough love!) keep you on track because I am invested in your success too.

Quick fixes are never sustainable. I’ve seen it hundreds of times throughout my career. I want you to be able to make lasting changes!

My health journey with Lindsay was exactly what I needed after having two kids, being injured and having a few inflammation issues. With so many “healthy” options, I would be overwhelmed in Whole Foods grocery store, not knowing how to prioritize what my body needed. Not only did Lindsay nail what I was doing to hurt my body, but she gave me the tools to heal it. Her knowledge, passion and experience are immeasurable. I saw so much improvement in my health in the 3 months I was seeing Lindsay (better skin, less headaches, stomach no longer bloated, sleeping better and the perk…lost 14 lbs!)……Not only would I highly recommend her, I plan on going to her again in the future!
— Kim F. Monrovia CA