Holly Snell Bio Pic.png

Holly S.

Lindsay has blown my mind with her knowledge. She lays everything out so precisely and practically. Every aspect of my life from the positive self-talk to energy to practical easy healthy recipes has improved and I feel great!
My biggest need was in practicality and accountability and Lindsay gave me that and much more. Her encouragement and understanding of where I am coming from and where I want to go is so up-lifting.  I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone who needs guidance in any way on their health journey!
Kim Forsee Bio Pic.png

Kim F.

My health journey with Lindsay was exactly what I needed after having two kids, being injured, and having a few inflammation issues. With so many "healthy" options at Whole Foods, I would be overwhelmed in the store, not knowing how to prioritize what my body needs.
Not only did Lindsay nail what I was doing to hurt my body, she gave me the tools to heal it. Her knowledge, passion and experience are immeasurable.
I saw so much improvement in my health in the three months I was working with Lindsay: clearer skin, less headaches, more energy, less bloating, better sleep... and I lost 14 lbs! Not only would I recommend her, but I plan on going to her again in the future.
Erin Pugh Bio Pic.png

Erin P.

I loved working with Lindsay for three months! As a healthcare professional, I greatly respect Lindsay's knowledge and coaching skills.  She helped me find balance with food, inducing mindful eating and nutritional balance.
This experience has helped me balance my blood sugar levels and combat symptoms of PCOS.  I went from snacking all day to being able to eat three balanced meals of healthy food. Lindsay also helped keep me accountable to get back into a healthy and realistic workout routine.
Lindsay is full of encouragement and support, making each session personal and tailored to your goals. I feel better than I have in years, and her advice is easily maintained for long term results. Lindsay sets you up for success! 
Sherry Heart Bio Pic.png

Sherry H.

Working with Lindsay in changing and tweaking my diet was really uplifting!  I had been on a pretty healthy eating plan for a few years but I still wasn't loosing weight. Her approach has allowed me to make lasting changes in the way I eat and the amounts. I am more energetic, focused and productive and my weight is down 20 lbs.
I work in the film business so I have to prepare and bring all my own food if I want to stay healthy. Lindsey made a doable meal plan for me that was easy to bring to work every day. She is a great listener and really heard what my concerns were. I would recommend her for anyone looking to get to the bottom of why they eat what they do and how it can keep you from being healthy. Lindsay is a standout in the health coaching realm!

Heather J.

Working with Lindsay has been a gift in so many ways.  She has helped me to make healthy and sustainable changes in my meal planning, daily schedule, and self care practices.   She pairs extensive knowledge of nutrition and health with a passion for helping others achieve life transformational change - a combination that makes her an amazing coach!
In every conversation, she brings understanding and encouragement along with a willingness to speak honestly and directly to help forge new pathways and healthy choices.  With Lindsay‚Äôs help, I have regained energy, lowered inflammation, and found help with my daily work-life balance. I am hopeful about walking into my future with greater wholeness and vitality. What a gift!

Jessie L.

Working with Lindsay for nutrition coaching has been an awesome experience! Through her knowledge and help I've learned how to put together a fast and healthy meals. The personalized seven day meal plan has been a great tool for me to use in my journey to better health. Her practical advice has helped me make meal preparation and shopping a part of my weekly routine and now it has become second nature.
Through her coaching I was able to go from eating out for most meals, to making almost all my meals at home. I also received personalized home work outs that have been a great asset to me. After 5 months I have more energy, more mental clarity, and a new outlook on health and nutrition.