Leslie M.

The cancer and my aggressive treatment plan left me struggling to recognize myself in the mirror every day. Life-saving drugs with unpleasant side effects gave me a general feeling of un-wellness, making me pretty unmotivated to take any action. My meals were incomplete, loaded with carbs, and often substituted with an iced caffeinated beverage when I was too busy to eat. This caused lousy sleep and the cycle continued the next day! I learned the basics- what a complete meal looks like and how much water I need to drink every day. I learned healthy habits like drinking coffee with breakfast and noticing how certain foods made me feel. I’ve lost 13 pounds but more importantly, I make the time to take care of myself now and have developed healthy habits! I don’t leave the house without my lunch and beverages prepared and I prioritize my relaxing night time routine. It feels GOOD to make self-care a priority! Lindsay- You are changing lives! I’m so grateful for YOU - I swear, I wrote it down on my gratitude list last week!

Mandy B.

I recently began working with Lindsay, and she has helped me to begin to care for my body in a way which has been long overdue and which I have long neglected.  I have always been extremely fit, from running marathons, to rock climbing, to yoga.  But I have not had a healthy relationship with my body.  Two years ago my father passed away and I ceased moving my body at all.  With my poor nutrition habits already very engrained, once I stopped moving my body my metabolism slowed way down.  With Lindsay’s balanced approach including a lot of nurturing and also education, I feel empowered to start taking baby steps to proper nutrition and eventually healthy exercise which I desperately need in order to serve my clients and enjoy my life!  I highly recommend Lindsay for anyone wanting to make significant but manageable change in their health and wellbeing through nutrition. 

Janet M.

I used to say that I was “born tired”. Lindsay showed me that it’s not true! I'm 67 and I had lots of bad habits that were slowing me down and preventing me from being my best self. When we started out, my intent was only to feel more energetic and maybe lose a few pounds. Well, I had no idea what I was in for. After 12 weeks, I feel my best ever! I have lost 6 pounds and I have learned so much ~ one of my favorite being how important sleep is and how your body uses sleep to restore, detox & energize itself. This I will never forget: Water, movement, quiet time, sleep and green at every meal! I am now exercising at least 3 times per week, and look forward to making a smoothie every morning to take to work. I learned so many little tips that are fun and are making a big difference in how I feel. I have all of our handouts organized in a binder and consider it my second life manual. Thank you for showing me, encouraging me, being patient with me, getting me outside my comfort zone and loving on me. You are a true advocate for wholesome nutrition. May the Lord bless you for what you are doing ~ it is never too late!

Tamara C.

I’ve always struggled with my weight after having my two children. Food was a source of comfort. I despised how I felt and being tired with two little ones didn’t help. I kept seeing your posts about how it was a lifestyle and it wasn’t just a quick way to lose weight. I love through our weekly sessions you taught me how to properly fuel my body! I have endometriosis and you helped me find foods that wouldn’t hurt my stomach! I have now been doing this for 6 months and feel so much healthier. The pounds are coming off! The most important things I’ve taken away from this is, I now have a healthy relationship with food. Thank you, Lindsay, for all you keep teaching me!

Sarah E.

Working with Lindsay was a great experience. She has a way of making big lifestyle changes simple and doable. During the program I never felt like I was hungry or missing out on foods I loved. Lindsay helped me to learn how to plan ahead, eat well, and keep healthy choices around as a busy mom of four kids. She taught me how simple swaps in my pantry can make a huge difference. She also gave me the confidence to make healthy choices in social situations and while eating out. Besides losing weight, one of the biggest changes I noticed was in my energy, I suddenly had energy all day and was avoiding the afternoon crash. I’m super grateful for my time spent with Lindsay as it drastically improved my day to day lifestyle and well-being.

Erin A.

When contacted Lindsay I was spent! As a mother of four active kiddos, who works evening shifts at a hospital, there was no time for me, too busy taking care of others.  I woke most mornings tired, willing myself to engage in another day, ignoring the aches and cranks and pushing forward to get stuff done. While working with Lindsay during a 90-day program I found a new…a better, healthier, happier me. I lost 25lbs, something I have been unable to do on my own in the past 10 years.

I believe I had such success while being coached by Lindsay because I was leaning so much while being supported and held accountable. Lindsay’s plan for me was just that, a plan for ME. We didn’t start with mega works outs and a no “fly list” for foods. Rather Lindsay saw me! Lindsay recognized that with my evening work schedule I was getting nowhere near the amount of sleep needed to facilitate weight loss. So first we tackled sleep, CHECK. Next, Lindsay armed me with stress management tools; which helped me balance my mood, making it easier to stop turning to poor food choices for comfort.   We spent time on food quality, food swaps and meal prep, within 2 weeks I knew how to ensure my plate was balanced (score four). Lindsay created supplement and self-care routines that helped me carve out time for me. Lindsay is an endless supply of reliable information on healthy food and care products, having someone to ask “agave or raw honey?” and quickly receiving well informed, trusted answers is priceless to me who has no time to research.

 Lindsay’s approach while coaching was to first help me find  a good headspace for change, then filling me up with valuable information, and supporting the heck out of the fact that I HAVE the POWER! I continue to draw a line in the sand, go back to the basics and keep making improvements from the good, better, to the best, because I am worth it!

Andrea D.

Working with Lindsay has been an amazing experience, my lifestyle, attitude and relationship towards food has completely changed for the better!

For the first time I feel totally in control and have a whole new outlook on life and food. Lindsay has empowered me with the tools and mental adjustments that I no longer have anxiety about food and my eating choices. I have learned how and what to eat throughout the day so that I have energy and stamina all day long. I have lost weight, sleep better, and overall just feel great! I would highly recommend working with Lindsay for a truly personal program of improvement and enlightenment for a better lifestyle.

Holly S.

Lindsay has blown my mind with her knowledge. She lays everything out so precisely and practically. Every aspect of my life from the positive self-talk to energy to practical easy healthy recipes has improved and I feel great!

My biggest need was in practicality and accountability and Lindsay gave me that and much more. Her encouragement and understanding of where I am coming from and where I want to go is so up-lifting. I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone who needs guidance in any way on their health journey!

Tara Beth L.

Lindsay’s program was an important reset and centering for me. Just when I thought I knew everything there was to know about health and wellness, I met Lindsay. Not only was there accountability, but her program was unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’ve tried so many different “cleanses” and “fixes”, but the education with Lindsay was rich, insightful, and gave me the tools to last a lifetime. I’m learning how to curve my cravings, feel better, and have energy without that afternoon slump!

Erin G.

Everyone wants to look and feel confident on their wedding day and that is why I signed up for Lindsay’s program.  She provided accountability and a fun group environment to learn about how food can work for my body. All my bloating is gone, I have lost inches from my waist, and my skin is brighter. I loved the meal planning guides and the weekly calendar Lindsay provided. It helped keep me accountably and I will continue to use it to be successful. If you are engaged, and want to feel 100% confident for your wedding, sign up to work with Lindsay!

Kim F.

My health journey with Lindsay was exactly what I needed after having two kids, being injured, and having a few inflammation issues. With so many "healthy" options at Whole Foods, I would be overwhelmed in the store, not knowing how to prioritize what my body needs.

Not only did Lindsay nail what I was doing to hurt my body, she gave me the tools to heal it. Her knowledge, passion and experience are immeasurable.

I saw so much improvement in my health in the three months I was working with Lindsay: clearer skin, less headaches, more energy, less bloating, better sleep... and I lost 14 lbs! Not only would I recommend her, but I plan on going to her again in the future.

Erin P.

I loved working with Lindsay for three months! As a healthcare professional, I greatly respect Lindsay's knowledge and coaching skills. She helped me find balance with food, inducing mindful eating and nutritional balance.

This experience has helped me balance my blood sugar levels and combat symptoms of PCOS. I went from snacking all day to being able to eat three balanced meals of healthy food. Lindsay also helped keep me accountable to get back into a healthy and realistic workout routine.

Lindsay is full of encouragement and support, making each session personal and tailored to your goals. I feel better than I have in years, and her advice is easily maintained for long term results. Lindsay sets you up for success!

Rebecka D.

This program with Lindsay has been such a positive experience! Being a busy elementary school teacher, I struggled to make time to cook healthy and meals. No matter how much I exercised, I couldn’t lose stubborn weight. With Lindsay’s support, I was able to become organized with my shopping lists, efficiently prep delicious meals ahead of time and learn how to combine foods properly. Through reflective journaling, I realized that I was not eating as healthy as I thought. I have learned how to incorporate nutrient rich food into my diet and even lost 15 pounds in the process… I didn’t even know I had all that to lose! My old clothes fit me, I'm feeling so much more confident and I am eating delicious, healthy meals all the time. Lindsay really knows what she is doing. This experience has proved beneficial and I will continue to use the skills I have learned. I am so glad I joined the program. Thank you!

Sherry H.

Working with Lindsay in changing and tweaking my diet was really uplifting! I had been on a pretty healthy eating plan for a few years but I still wasn't loosing weight. Her approach has allowed me to make lasting changes in the way I eat and the amounts. I am more energetic, focused and productive and my weight is down 20 lbs.

I work in the film business so I have to prepare and bring all my own food if I want to stay healthy. Lindsey made a doable meal plan for me that was easy to bring to work every day. She is a great listener and really heard what my concerns were. I would recommend her for anyone looking to get to the bottom of why they eat what they do and how it can keep you from being healthy. Lindsay is a standout in the health coaching realm!

Heather J.

Working with Lindsay has been a gift in so many ways. She has helped me to make healthy and sustainable changes in my meal planning, daily schedule, and self care practices. She pairs extensive knowledge of nutrition and health with a passion for helping others achieve life transformational change - a combination that makes her an amazing coach!

In every conversation, she brings understanding and encouragement along with a willingness to speak honestly and directly to help forge new pathways and healthy choices. With Lindsay’s help, I have regained energy, lowered inflammation, and found help with my daily work-life balance. I am hopeful about walking into my future with greater wholeness and vitality. What a gift!

Jana B.

My time with Lindsay was truly wonderful!  I was first drawn to her program because it did not center around buying product from her, like so many detox programs do, but discovering REAL food all around me and learning how to fuel my body with balanced nutrition in a sustainable way.  I absolutely LOVED our weekly calls! Lindsay's experience and education were a valuable resource to me during the program.  Her coaching approach was balanced, realistic and so positive!  I really benefited from the daily journals and learned a lot about myself and how what I ate affected my daily life. 

Through the program I lost weight and inches, but gained knowledge and confidence. I became more energetic and had fewer mood swings throughout the day.  Through this new approach to nutrition I am efficient with my time because I am not constantly having to stop for snacks! I can go 4 plus hours between meals now! I am teaching my 3 daughters how to choose snacks and meals that include protein, healthy fat, and healthy carbs so they too can start getting the most out of their food!  You can't put a price on that kind of education!  Thank you, Lindsay from the bottom of my heart!

Jessie L.

Working with Lindsay for nutrition coaching has been an awesome experience! Through her knowledge and help I've learned how to put together a fast and healthy meals. The personalized seven day meal plan has been a great tool for me to use in my journey to better health. Her practical advice has helped me make meal preparation and shopping a part of my weekly routine and now it has become second nature.

Through her coaching I was able to go from eating out for most meals, to making almost all my meals at home. I also received personalized home work outs that have been a great asset to me. After 5 months I have more energy, more mental clarity, and a new outlook on health and nutrition.

Janelle E.

I have worked with Lindsay as my Personal Trainer and now as my Nutritionist.  I trusted her from my first experience and I wasn't disappointed with this last one!  She masters all of the science behind the field she is in, whether it is exercise physiology or nutrition, and then relates it in practical terms to her clients.  She is clear, organized, understands the difficulty of change and empathizes with her clients while at the same time encouraging them to "go the distance!"  She has a nice balance of both motivating and understanding her clients.

I really appreciate the program in that it helped me reboot my blood sugar!  I have stayed off of processed sugar and have found that I am not craving it at all now that it is out of my system.  I also find that my hunger is "real" now.  My moods have been lighter, my thinking clearer and I have energy through-out the day now instead of trying to fight off sleepiness during the afternoon.  I enjoy understanding how foods work together and think of the nourishing properties of food more now rather than just the taste.  I felt like I received just what I needed from Lindsay and her program.  I would recommend it to everyone!