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 Welcome to Thrive for Life!

Congratulations on completing your 12 weeks of the Thrive Coaching Collective! I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished over the last 12 weeks. You may be wondering, “What now? How do I keep up the momentum I have going and continue to see results?”

I created “Thrive for Life” as a graduate program for “Thrive Coaching Collective” alumni to receive continued support, accountability, and the tools necessary to THRIVE.

What’s Included:

  • weekly 1-on-1 15-minute phone call coaching sessions

  • monthly 1-hour group coaching calls on zoom

  • Monthly focus topics with expert speakers and valuable resources

  • continued access to our TCC facebook group

  • continued access to all 12 modules and resources from the thrive coaching collective

  • free access to all of my paid resources including seasonal meal plans, cleanses, recipes and more!

  • daily accountability with nudge, our personalized tracking app

    • Nudge is scheduled to get a huge makeover/upgrade in June that I am SO excited about and will give us so many more customizable features!


  • 5 weekly workouts with “Standard” and “Advanced” options.

    • Participants will be asked to purchase workout bands and free weights. We can discuss the amount of weight and types of bands you will need but expect this investment to be about $100. Examples are below.

  • Customized workouts for vacation and travel.

Here is a sneak peek at some of our monthly focus topics and guest speakers:

Mandy Barbee - Healing Anxiety & Fear


Mandy Barbee is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who has helped clients from more than 25 countries to rapidly eliminate anxiety using the power of imagery.  Founder of Palladium Mind, she empowers people with tools to quickly master their emotions and thrive.  Her certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and mind body connection, pair well with her years serving as a former US Air Force Officer, and leading teams in the private sector.

Mandy is passionate about demystifying the power of hypnosis and sharing an easier way to completely heal anxiety; her clients routinely report results such as transforming paralyzing fear or anxiousness into happy confidence in 5 weeks or less.  From leading F-22 flightline operations, to managing financial performances and risk, to leading rock and ice climbs all across North America, Mandy is obsessed with creating massive, lasting & positive changes with others using practical actions and fun, natural tools.

Jaime Covey - Expert Essential Oil Guidance for Wellness


Jaime Covey is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate raising 3 independent and fierce little girls beside her husband Nate in Monrovia Ca.

“Health and Wellness is a journey I walk, stumble on and learn from every single day.  Some call me the essential oil guru or expert and even the oil doctor but the fact is I am a mom who needed to find ways to support my family's health naturally.  I was tired of all the chemical concoctions and the feeling of helplessness when someone in my family got sick.  I believe we should be proactive about our health not reactive when something goes wrong and because of that desire to provide the absolute best for my family I stumbled into doTERRA essential oils and have over 5 years experience incorporating them into my home.  I've got an oil for just about everything and the best part is I keep it simple and easy for busy moms to integrate into their routines.  If it's not simple and easy I won't do it and neither will you!  My favorite essential oils are Balance and Rose Touch.  They are my favorites because they keep me sane, connected and emotionally grounded.”

Rachel Strivelli - Empowering Women

Intuitive Coach Empower Inspire  (28).jpg

Rachel Strivelli helps women to connect to their wisdom , deep value, and worth in just a few minutes a day. Many women are tired of analysis paralysis, people pleasing and being so busy that they run out of time to actually enjoy your days. Instead, intuition, flow, & joy could be your cornerstones.

Rachel is a writer, speaker, & coach. She brings her background from teaching, her Master’s in Soil Science, and experiments in nature to her work empowering women. She lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband, two kids and loads of strawberry plants. Connect & learn more at

Other topics include:


  • DETOXING with Gaylene Gomez of Compass Rose Nutrition

  • MEDITATION & YOGA with Caroline Thompson



  • INTENTIONAL TIME MANAGEMENT with Jennifer Armstrong, Member & Contributing Writer at Forbes Coaches Council


  • ADVANCED MOBILITY WORK (myofacial release & foam rolling)

  • EMOTIONAL EATING with Leah Campian, Author & Speaker

  • AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE with Melanie Connolly

  • and MORE!


Thrive for Life can be purchased in installments of 12-weeks or 1-year.

payment plans are available upon request.

12-week membership


(normally $1297)

1-year membership

SALE PRICE: $3,497

(normally $4,697)